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This is Just The Beginning...

Now click to download your 2 free e-Books about getting maximum results in the least amount of time and eating clean on the go. Enjoy!

For anyone looking to maximize results while minimizing time in the gym

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Secrets to Max Results
By Dr. Colin Pasque, DPT, 

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If you struggle with your nutrition when life gets busy, or when you travel, this one is for you! 

5-Steps to Eat Clean on the Go
By Dr. Colin Pasque, DPT, 

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What A Few of My Clients Have to Say

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Train hard, without sacrificing time doing what you love with who you love.


Fitness shouldn't consume your life. It should enhance your life.

This is why we tailor-make your fitness and nutrition program to fit your lifestyle and goals. Our in-depth approach to programming along with 24-hour accountability helps you not only stay on track, but dominate your program.  

All of this is integrated into our easy-to-use app that we use to track your progress, set goals, and deliver your program. 








Our app integrates easily MyFitnessPal, Apple Health/Apple Watch, Fitbit, & Withings so that you can keep track of your workout results, set fitness and nutrition goals, and take part in monthly fitness challenges.  

What Is All Included in the 60-Day VIP?

Service Features
60-Day VIP
Purpose and Motivation Discovery Assessment
Weekly Coaching Call (20 min)
Weekly Personal Video Message Check-ins
Coaching Call Every 6-Weeks (20 min)
Weekly Personal Message Check-ins
Custom Meal Plan or Guide
Custom Mobility Program
Custom Fitness Program
1-hr Live 1:1 Movement Assessment & Consult
Access to FTA Community Group Chat
Access to Group Program with BW, KB, DB, & FG
Weekly Group Video Message Check-Ins
Custom Nutrition Plan OR Guide
24-Hour Coaching Support
Progress Tracking on App
Initial 15-Minute Strategy Call (FREE)

I have coached a lot of people in my career, and I am not pretending that every single person gets the results they want to see. Some people simply do not commit to the process, and get nothing out of it. So here is my guarantee to you. If you don't love the way you look, feel, and move at the end of the 60-days, I will guarantee you every penny of your investment back to you so that the only thing you risk here is getting into the best shape of your life. And if you don't, no sweat. I will give you it all back.


It all starts here. Book your call, and lets chat through what the journey will look like for you. 

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